Compact / Soundart project

Compact is an expandable multimedia-system. It is based on a series of sampled loop-collections on 12-inch vinyl records called Compact/tool. They can be used as modular tools for various projects.

Compact/box is an all-in-one sound playback module for use with the vinyl records.

Compact/installation is a room installation with several of these modules. It is used as an art installation and can be booked for clubs, fairs, events, etc.

Here you can see a ideo of the installation at the MAPPING ARTS FESTIVAL in Geneva


Aspects of the work:

Collage: This method has a long history in classical art. it means taking one part of a context and combining it with others to produce something new.
Sampling: This means the use of sound quotations in music pieces.
Loop: A very old method for dance music.
Session: Many contributors spontaneously create a body of work together.
Interaction: Contributors can independently help produce/change the sound. The installation is self-explanatory. You don’t need any instruction to participate.

Compact/box is a co-production with Oliver Rubli and Maureen Brodbeck from Geneva.

  • Concept
  • Productdesign
  • Eventdesign
  • Artwork
  • Projectmanagement
  • Soundproduction/Sampling