Leipzig Music Trails

Together with the designagency Buero Huennerkopf i took part of a competition for  the corporate design and specially guidance-system for a 5km musical trail in the city of Leipzig: the Leipzig Music Trails.
Besides there were two other trails: the Leipziger Notenbogen, the Leipziger Notenrad and the Kleine Leipziger Notenspur.

The guidance-system is two-parted. A series of pylons for the information and a system of steel-marquetery running along the 5km-track as a form of abstract guidance.

WE WON! The trail has been realised in Leipzig.

The orientationsystem of the “Leipziger Notenspuren” has been published in the “bible” of orientationsystems “Signaletik und Piktogramme” in 2011, produced by the DOM-publishers.

Partner: Buero Huennerkopf

  • Corporate-design-concept
  • Guiding system / signaletic
  • Photography
  • Editorial design
  • Final artwork
  • Printing supervision
  • Webdesign
  • Train lettering