links.rechts.hier. - When Feeling Decides

“links.rechts.hier. – When feeling decides” is a journalistic e-book edition by a Team of the Axel Springer Academy in Berlin. The exclusive edition comprises 20 e-books written by young journalists. Their thesis is: We live in a time in which seemingly every decision is immediately possible for the individual. Starting a family today or picnicking on another continent tomorrow – we have total options. That is why decisions that can influence a life are made today only on the basis of great emotions.

The edition presents people who have let themselves be guided by a great feeling and are now living their decision.

I held a design workshop and developed a design language for the series together with the design team, designed the individual covers and shot all motifs. I also supervised the production of the ebooks and created the project’s landing page together with the programmer of the team.

  • Design-concept
  • Webdesign
  • Editorial design
  • Information design
  • Designmanual
  • Photoshooting / photo-editing